OOoOoOoOo late night blogging~*~*~

today was pretty eventful and fun.
school ended at 12 in the afternoon today and all i did there was hear Mass and eat.
after school, i went to the mall with my friends Bea and Marga. we ate some more. i also bought a birthday card for my yaya (it’s her birthday on saturday). last year, my siblings and i forgot to greet her on her birthday. it was sad on so many levels… that’s why we’re making sure we don’t forget it anymore! she’s really old so we need to make the most out of the time we have with her.
i got home and reviewed for the college entrance exams. fun.
then i watched captain america with my siblings. i liked it. a lot. i’m really excited for the avengers.

so that was my day and that concludes my first official blog entry.