003: in the land of heavenly pork buns and shopping

this weekend my family and i went on a vacation!!! it’s funny that we went on one in the middle of the school year. to make things funnier, a test that my FUTURE relies on is in 6 days! ha ha ha ha ha ha.

pretty much all we did there was eat and shop (and i’m not complaining one bit). we ate in REALLY good dimsum places, but my favorite will always be the pork buns. we ate in this one place in the middle of nowhere (seriously, it was in some old town and the restaurant looks like any other karinderia dimsum place except for its long line of people outside) and the baked pork buns there were the best thing EVER. the dough was sooo soft and it had this sweet crumbly layer on top. then the filling was SO DELICIOUS. the slices of pork were kinda big so it was a legit pork bun (you know how cheap pork buns are filled with cubes of “pork” and everything’s mushy? sometimes i think they fill it up with cat or something). I LOVE PORK BUNS!!!

aside from eating, shopping and walking around was fun. i love riding mtr’s in other countries hehe. and it was fun to spend time with my family and grandparents, etc.

so now you know how much i LOVE food and i think this post is getting too long.


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