hello, i haven’t updated in a long time (mainly because i was too busy to blog, but also because i didn’t have anything to blog about).

it’s exam week, but that’s the least of my concerns i guess because the ACET is in less than 2 weeks. time to write freaking-out and it’s-all-up-to-God blogs again.

i got my first G in an AP essay, so i’m really happy. this happiness will probably be EATEN ALIVE by the monster known as my first trim. AP exam.

oh, i watched this REALLY REALLY REALLY funny (it was funny because it was so stupid) movie with my friends. things i will never forget about it:

  • the way that girl said calamares (“calama-RES”). it was so funny.
  • one of the moms’ weird, red eye
  • said mom (who is a caterer) bursting into the bathroom during her son’s prom to see him kissing his geometry remedial teacher (“I CAME HERE FOR THE CUPCAKES AND THIS IS WHAT I SEE?!”)
  • in general just how bad and weird it was

that’s all for now, i guess.

PS. can’t wait for the 2nd movie. “the musicale


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