012: recently

i haven’t written on this blog since february.


i remember i wanted to start a blog in order to get more creative, to practice writing outside of school. god knows how tired i am with technical and analytical writing. i’m pretty disappointed with myself that i couldn’t keep this blog (and my creativity) up and alive. i did receive a moleskine last christmas, which is where i’ve been writing down my thoughts ever since i got it. but, i don’t even update it that much. actually, i have an entry that i started 2 days ago and have not yet finished. uh oh.

lately, i’ve been really, really admiring one of my close friends. you see, she’s majoring in film, while i, unidentified adverb here, am taking up a very technical, “omg wow ur so smart” reaction-inducing course. it’s not that i don’t like what i learn. it’s just… different. my course has no creative bone in it, based on what i know. being technical and academic all the time is starting to wear me down. as of this moment, i’m desperately clawing for any creative outlet, but only if time (SCHOOLWORK) lets me. i want to watch movies. i want to take pictures. i want to take videos. i want to bake. i want to see the world not only through conic sections and 2sinxcosx=sin2x. i want to REST.

but, here i am today. and the draft of my research paper is due on monday.


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