013: colorful

“i think it’s fine to be colorful. and to live colorfully.” 

so last week i watched the japanese animation film “Colorful” and ERMERGERD my life has been changed. it literally takes your heart and brings it on some crazy rollercoaster ride complete with loops and idk maybe some g force action. although some may find it bordering on cheesy, the genuine-ness and downright honesty of it make your heart go craycray. beautiful animations, beautiful story line, beautiful MUSIC!!! gah that acapella song at the end brings me to tuh-ears. my desktop wallpaper atm is the movie poster ehehe.

time to go philosophicalpanda on this shiz.

i guess when you try SO hard to conform to this idea (or lack of an idea) of you, you surpress the things that DO come naturally to you. the movie made me realize that i don’t have to limit and define myself by just one standard or one aspect of my life. people are muuuuuch more complex than that. i watched the film some time after writing my previous blog post, and i’m comforted to know that just because i AM taking a rather technical course does not mean i have to drop my other hobbies. there’s always a way to find balance among all the things i do.

(hehe it’s 1:56 AM and i’m too sleepy to end this nicely)